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Our summer staff positions are government funded, so staff must be between 16 and 30 years of age, be full-time students, have access to their own transportation to get to our rural site 20 minutes south of Winnipeg, be in science or animal-related fields of study, be available to work weekends and stat holidays, and be available to work 40 hrs/week. Some positions are 10 to 14 weeks long, with possible start time in May and early June.

Duties include: daily husbandry of injured and orphaned wildlife, data entry, administration of medications and treatments, daily reporting, working with and supervising volunteers, small construction projects, research collection, yard maintenance and general housekeeping tasks. Candidates must be physically fit to carry up to 50 lb and work primarily outdoors.

Interested applicants should apply with a cover letter and resume to Deadline for applications is April 15, 2018.


 Bijii’s Birthday Party

Planning is underway for education ambassador Bijii the barn owl’s birthday party. This year, we are planning a large fundraising party, which will be held at Notre Dame Recreational Centre on Apr. 29, 2018 from noon til 4pm.

We’re looking for donations for our silent auction. We are specifically looking for items with a wildlife theme. Third, we are looking for art. Are you an artist who makes wildlife-themed art? If you are willing to donate, it will be featured in our wildlife art auction.

Thank you and stay tuned for more information about this wonderful owl’s birthday party!




Hilary Druxman Necklace Designed for PWRC

pendant with write upHilary Druxman is pleased to welcome Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre to our list of amazing organizations we partner with! This volunteer based organization is dedicated to treating injured and orphaned Manitoba wildlife and rereleasing them back into their natural habitat.

They have a fantastic outreach education program to teach the public about wildlife issues and they provide resources on their website regarding what to do if you find an injured or orphaned wild animal.

100% of the net proceeds of the Wild and Free Neclace support their continuing efforts to help wild animals in need.




Canadian Tire Money Fundraiser

Items we need for our wildlife centre found at Canadian Tire:

  • Extra Large Garbage Bags
  • Clear plastic bins with lids
  • Laudry soap- Oxyclean powder or any other soap
  • Vinegar
  • Canned Cat food
  • Rabbit toys
  • Mop
  • Brooms
  • Shovels, Rakes, Clippers
  • Heating pads
  • Digital Scales
  • Dog Toys

We can use any of these items from Canadian Tire or you can donate Canadian Tire Money to help us purchase these items.  You can drop off any items or Canadian Tire monies at any of our booths, Wildbird Unlimited Store at  45-11 Reenders Drive, or contact PWRC (204-510-1855) for pick up or drop off locations.  You can also mail  the Canadian Tire Money to:PWRC, P.O. Box 48059 RPO Lakewood Blvd, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2J 4A3.