Young Rabbit

Step 1

Please download this evaluation map to determine how you can help the baby rabbit.

Step 2

If through the evaluation map you determine that the young rabbit needs your help, please phone us at (204) 510-1855.

Step 3

Go on to read the “How to Capture and Rescue Wildlife” instructions to find out what to do with the young rabbit before you can get it to the centre.

Natural history information on young rabbits

Cottontail rabbits make their “nests” in small impressions in the grass. The nest is lined with grass and mothers fur. They are frequently disturbed by people when they mow or rake their grass. If a nest is found or disturbed, place the infant rabbits back into their nest and leave them there unless you KNOW the mother has been killed or the babies are injured. You will not see the mother. This is normal, she only feeds her young twice a day at dusk and dawn, so not to leave her scent.

If you think the mother is dead but do not see a body you can leave string at the entrance of the nest. Place the string in an “x” over the entrance. Wait for 24 hours. If the string is moved, this indicates the mother has returned. If the string has not been moved and the infants are cool or have moved out of the burrow please phone the center for more information.

DON’T try and raise the young rabbits yourself. Wild rabbits are very high stress animals and although they may look calm, they are actually terrified. DON’T try and feed them cow’s milk or any other type of formula. This can cause bloating and diarrhea which are life threatening to these rabbits. DO call the centre as soon as possible.

When young rabbits are the size of a tennis ball, they are totally independent. They do not require any care unless they are injured. If you have caught them please release them back in your yard or a nearby park.

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