If you find a bat that you think may be injured or orphaned please contact PWRC immediately 204-510-1855. Handling bats is dangerous as they have a high incidence of rabies compared to other species. Bats with rabies are also more likely to appear to be fine and healthy, which makes handling them even more risky.

Please do not try to feed the bat. Not only is it an unnecessary risk to you, but bats noses and mouths are very close together and it is easy to aspirate the bat. Aspiration is the inhalation of food or water. PWRC volunteers are trained to use specialized feeding techniques that will reduce the chance of aspiration occurring.

All PWRC volunteers that handle mammals are immunized for rabies and are trained with special handling techniques.

*Do not let the bat bite you. If you get bitten by a bat you must go to the hospital immediately to get treated for potential rabies. Incidence of rabies is high in bats relative to other species of animals.

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