Wildlife Technician

Position: Wildlife Technicians
Shifts: early mornings, early evening, and weekends
Wage: $15.30
Approx. Start Date: April 29th
Approx. End Date: August 16/23th

Description: The Wildlife Technician will assist in the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife of Manitoba including mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, that come through the centre during the summer season. They will learn how to safely handle wildlife patients, from fragile newborn squirrels to healthy adult raptors and waterfowl. The staff will learn how to care for orphans, immature juveniles and injured adult wildlife and their varying needs. They will learn avian and mammalian biology, natural history and behaviours, basic assessments of common species, medical terminology, monitoring and interventions.

Daily tasks will include weights, preparing appropriate diets, hand-feeding, administering medical treatments, daily cleaning of enclosures/cages and other routine site maintenance activities. There will be a focus on treatment plans and milestones requirements for a successful release of our wildlife patients.


  • this position is funded by grant with age requirements 16-30
  • assess to own transportation to rural site in St. Adolphe
  • animal husbandry skills
  • can work independently
  • physically fit, able to lift 50 lb bags of food
  • work outdoors during any weather condition for 8 hrs/day

Interested applicants should apply with a cover letter and resume to pwrcentre@gmail.com.

PWRC Charity #826093155RR0001