Wildlife Naturalist

Positions: Wildlife Naturalist
Shifts: Early mornings, early evening, and weekends
Wage: $13.50-$14.50/hr
Approx. Start Date: April 17th/24th
Approx End Date: August 25th

Description: The Wildlife Naturalist will assist with social media outreach, education (videos, photos) and data entry/record keeping. Designated time will be set aside weekly for these special tasks to be completed. Photos and videos of wildlife patients and treatments will be taken and sent to the President to be used in social media posts and our organizations newsletter. The staff will pay particular attention to “special” patients, identified by the President and will consult with our social media volunteer to help produce social media posts or articles to be used for public awareness, general interest or funding opportunities. The staff will also assist with the daily operations, general wildlife care and public inquiries regarding specific wildlife patients and administrative tasks, including entering patient data into our mandatory reports and assignment of case numbers to all our admissions.


  • this position is funded by grant with age requirements 16-30
  • bilingual (French/English) an asset
  • comfortable with public speaking
  • access to own transportation to rural site in St. Adolphe
  • animal husbandry skills
  • can work independently
  • physically fit, able to lift 50 lb bags of food
  • work outdoors during any weather condition for 8 hrs/day

Interested applicants should apply with a cover letter and resume to pwrcentre@gmail.com.

PWRC Charity #826093155RR0001