Animal Attendants Supervisor

Position: Animal Attendants Supervisor
Shifts: early mornings, early evening, and weekends
Wage: $15.30
Approx. Start Date: April 29th
Approx. End Date: August 16/23th

Description: The supervisor will assist with monitoring and managing the staff during their shifts in order to provide a “team lead” who can be a liaison to the President and Director of Grants to provide more individualized learning experiences. The supervisor will be responsible to keep the team on task (including cleaning and feeding routines and daily charting), to delegate and complete activities prioritized by the President. They will be expected to communicate when food and medical/cleaning supplies are running low and will give report to the President on all wildlife patients daily. In order to provide this kind of leadership, the supervisor will participate in daily operations, general wildlife care activities and site maintenance. The supervisor will be responsible to monitor the activities of volunteers working on their shifts and providing guidance when necessary.


  • No age requirement
  • access to own transportation to rural site in St. Adolphe
  • supervisory experience and experience working with the public
  • advanced animal husbandry skills
  • can work independently
  • physically fit, able to lift 50 lb bags of food
  • work outdoors during any weather condition for 8 hrs/day

Interested applicants should apply with a cover letter and resume to

PWRC Charity #826093155RR0001