Wildlife Educational Ambassadors

PWRC Ambassador Sponsorship Program

Sponsoring our amazing Education Ambassadors will help purchase handling equipment, their medical expenses, and food for one year. All monthly sponsorships qualify for PWRC membership, newsletter, a picture and bio of the ambassador. Sponsorships over $100 will receive a Virtual presentation and any sponsorship over $200 will receive a presentation with the ambassador at an event or school of your choice. Even our retired ambassadors still need to be cared for the rest of their life.


Bruce the Domestic Rabbit

Minimum Yearly Donation: $50

Bruce is a domestic Sable rabbit. He came to our centre in 2022 when one of our volunteers found him outside. Once he was nursed back to health and after efforts to find his owners being unsuccessful, we decided he would join our ambassador program.

Favourite things: lettuce, strawberries, hay


Nagini the Domestic Corn Snake

Minimum Yearly Donation: $75

Nagini is a Corn snake that was purchased at the Reptile Expo June 2023. He was a 19-month-old snake. Nagini joined our ambassador program to help us educate about Manitoba snakes and how incredible they are!

Favourite things: Hides, Heat lamp


Yahzi the Saw-Whet Owl

Minimum Yearly Donation: $75-100

Yahzi is a Northern Saw-Whet owl from British Columbia. He arrived at Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre after breaking a bone in his shoulder when he was just a young bird in B.C back in 2015. The bone did not heal correctly so Yahzi could not be released. Yahzi officially joined the ambassador program in 2016.

Favourite things: Light bulbs, perches


Butters the Grey Squirrel

Minimum Yearly Donation: $100

Butters the Grey Squirrel was born in 2021. She was brought to the centre as a baby squirrel. It was discovered that she had genetic abnormalities and developmental issues that would not allow her to be released. Therefore, we decided she could join the ambassador program.

Favourite things: soft fleece blankets, carrots, balls


Rosie the Red- Footed Tortoise

Minimum Yearly Donation: $150

Rosie is a domestic tortoise who was surrendered to Prairie Wildlife in 2021 due to her owner not being able to continue caring for her. Rosie has joined to ambassador program to help teach about Manitoba turtles and reptiles.

Favourite things: Dragon fruit, mango


Kangee the Raven

Minimum Yearly Donation: $200

Kangee is a Common raven that came to Prairie Wildlife as a starving young fledgling in 2016. She was an orphan, and it was unknown what happened to her parents. Kangee was too young to be on her own at that point. Through the rehabilitation process, she quickly became habituated to people since we did not have other ravens to learn from. Kangee then became a fantastic addition to the ambassador program.

Favourite things: Bathing pools, toys, frozen cherries


Mukki the Great Horned Owl

Minimum Yearly Donation: $200-300

Mukki is a Great Horned Owl, he was born in 2019 and came to us as a young fledgling. Mukki had fallen out of his nest and sustained a severe head injury. Despite our best attempts at rehabilitating Mukki he was not able to be released and joined our ambassador program.

Favourite things: Bathing pools, stuffed animals


Nadie the Great Grey Owl

Minimum Yearly Donation: $200-300

Nadie was brought to Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre after being involved in a vehicle collision while she was hunting near the highway. Due to that vehicular collision, she had to have her eye removed resulting in her depth perception being greatly impacted. Nadie then became an important part of our ambassador program.

Favourite things: Perches

Sponsor An Educational Presentation

Education sponsorships are donations covering fees so our programs can be offered in schools that cannot afford the cost. Sponsorships are from any amount over $100 in $100 increments. These programs will be present on your behalf. Advertising will be done with your name as the benefactor as well as a thank you at the presentation.

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