Wildlife Educational Ambassadors

PWRC Ambassador Sponsorship Program

Sponsoring our amazing Education Ambassadors will help purchase handling equipment, their medical expenses, and food for one year. All monthly sponsorships qualify for PWRC membership, newsletter, a picture and bio of the ambassador. Sponsorships over $100 will receive a presentation with the ambassador at an event or school of your choice. Even our retired ambassadors still need to be cared for the rest of their life.


Lulu the Domestic Rabbit

Minimum Yearly Donation: $30


Calen the American Kestrel

Minimum Yearly Donation: $50


Yahzi the Northern Saw-whet Owl

Minimum Yearly Donation: $50


Kangee the Common Raven

Minimum Yearly Donation: $100


Rosy the Red-Footed Tortoise

Minimum Yearly Donation: $100


Mukki the Great Horned Owl

Minimum Yearly Donation: $150


Nadie the Great Gray Owl

Minimum Yearly Donation: $150

Sponsor An Educational Presentation

Education sponsorships are donations covering fees so our programs can be offered in schools that cannot afford the cost. Sponsorships are from any amount over $100 in $100 increments. These programs will be present on your behalf. Advertising will be done with your name as the benefactor as well as a thank you at the presentation.

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