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Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

June 15, 2016
Media Advisory
Flying Free, No Strings Attached Project: Release of a Rehabilitated Young Bald Eagle
Flying Free, No Strings Attached Project features a rare opportunity to witness the release of a
rehabilitated young Bald Eagle. The release is in honour of two pelicans Prairie Wildlife
Rehabilitation Centre (PWRC) took in after they were rescued from Cooks Creek in East Selkirk.
They were tangled together with twine and later died as a result of their injuries. To help prevent
more incidents, the public is being asked to collect twine, fishing line, and other materials they
have found outdoors that could be a danger to wildlife.

WHAT: A celebration and release of a successfully rehabilitated juvenile Bald Eagle, rescued in
May of 2016 after being found entangled in fishing line by the Red River near Middlechurch,
Manitoba. Photo opportunities available of the release and PWRC’s ambassador animals.
WHERE: Canvasback Pet Supplies (1 Wellink Drive – Highway 44, Lockport, Manitoba)
WHEN: Saturday, June 18 from12-2 p.m. *release will take place approximately 1:30 p.m.
WHO: Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and non-releasable ambassador animals.
WHY: To celebrate the successful rehabilitation of the young Bald Eagle while raising
awareness of the important of wildlife rehabilitation and encouraging the public to keep the
environment free of items that could harm wildlife.
For further information please contact:
Darci Geiger | 204 981 9200 |
Communications Manager | Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre |