Winnipeg Willow Sees Her Shadow

Happy Groundhog Day.

Well, for PWRC’s Willow the woodchuck,  it has been a very busy morning.  We arrived at CBC radio around 7am for a quick interview before heading to the Forks for our first Groundhog Day Weather forecast.  The morning was a brisk one, and Willow didn’t want to any part of it.  Finally after a few minutes, and a few grunts, she came out to see her shadow, predicting six more weeks of winter.  While she doesn’t say the next six weeks will be a deep freeze,  she doesn’t encourage the public to start planting flowers 😉 .  This was Willow’s first run at prognostication, and she didn’t have a chance to speak with Manitoba Merv at Oak Hammock Marsh for some pointers.  There appears to be a difference of opinion,  as Manitoba Merv, did not see his shadow and believes we’ll be seeing an early spring.  Only time will tell. Willow spent the rest of the morning and afternoon sleeping it all off.   It’s a lot of work for a woodchuck, and she needs her beauty sleep for any close ups.

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