Willow Watch Continues

Well, Willow was given a new medication yesterday to help the intestine muscles to push the waste products out. There was hope a couple of hours later, when we found a small amount of stool in her litter box. However, not enough to say she’s out of the woods. This morning, still nothing new in the litter box and gave her the morning medication and antibiotics. She was allowed to “run loose” or waddle around the room to hopefully get things moving. If nothing improves by Tuesday, we’ll have to take her back to the vet for more xrays and possible discussion of surgery. However, while I’m writing this, Willow popped out of her kennel and made a bee-line to the litter box……Waiting…. Waiting… Never have I had to wait for a woodchuck to finish using the litter box. Who would have thought she’d cover it up. She’s better than my cats. After a bit of digging, there was a small amount of stool but definitely not the mother load I want to see.

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