Wildlife Ambassadors

Sponsoring our amazing Education Ambassadors will help purchase handling equipment, their medical expenses, and food for one year. All monthly sponsorships qualify for PWRC membership,  newsletter, and a picture of the ambassador.

Sponsorships over $100 will receive a presentation with the ambassador at an event or school of your choice. Even our retired ambassadors still need to be cared for the rest of their life.

Book a presentation with one of our ambassadors today!


Educational Ambassador  Minimum Yearly Donation:

Male Bunny: Dodger                                             $30.00

Female Bunny: Lulu                                              $30.00

Female Western Hog-Nosed Snake:  Maka      $40.00

Female Bull Snake                                                  $40.00

Male American Kestrel: Calen                             $50.00

Male American Barn Owl: Bijii                           $100.00

Female Great Grey Owl                                        $150.00

Male Arctic Fox: Arctic                                         $200.00




Grey Squirrel: Gus


Retired Ambassadors:

Endangered Male Peregrine Falcon: Perry          $75.00


Sponsor An Educational Presentation:
Education sponsorships are donations covering fees so our programs can be offered in schools that cannot afford the cost. Sponsorships are from any amount over $100 in $100 increments. These programs will be present on your behalf. Advertising will be done with your name as the benefactor as well as a thank you at the presentation.