What I learned about these baby rabbits

Wow, its amazing watching how fast these little guys are growing.  However, I must admit, raising infant rabbits is not an easy job.  They are very cute and fuzzy, but there has been many times I could have…  So, what have I learned  about rabbits. Baby rabbits pee alot. And I mean alot. They’re like a little firehose that won’t shut off.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve been hit by the stream.  And it doesn’t matter whether its a boy or girl.  Second thing I learned, don’t mess around with their feeding schedules.  I currently rehabilitating five infant rabbits (three from another litter).  Little no color rabbit from the ditch family died a couple of days ago. 🙁   However, yellow and blue rabbits figured out the feeding thing really well.   They could suck 5 cc in no time flat. Unfortunately, life throws in a birthday party so extending the feeding times later into the evening should be ok. Right?  Well no. Yellow and blue have been boycotting the feeding thing for three days until yesterday. Finally, they gave up the strike and went back to feeding.  Yellow and Blue opened their eyes on September 26, and the three newer ones should be opening today or tomorrow.

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