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feeding fledgling birds

Education Volunteers (Apply now!)

Qualifications: We are looking for volunteers with lots of energy, love to speak to the public and has a passion for the environment.

Duties: perform educational presentations to school and community groups, public events, mall/festival booths, special functions.  Possibility to work with non-releasable education ambassadors.

General Volunteers (Online General Volunteer Form)

Qualifications: We are looking for hard working, outdoor volunteers, that enjoy making a difference in the lives of our wildlife patients.

Duties: cleaning dirty cages, preparing diets, hand feeding infant wildlife, laundry, washing dishes, raking enclosures, giving medications and treatments.

Print off General Volunteer Application form.and mail complete form to PWRC, Box 48059 RPO Lakewood, Winnipeg, MB, R2J 4A3 or scan and email to


To volunteer in any other category please fill out one or both of the volunteer application forms as the first step in becoming a volunteer. Next, you must sign up for and attend an orientation session.  Please contact us for the next available session at (204)-510-1855 or by email to

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