Update on Bobcat- Amira’s Story

Update on Bobcat- Amira’s Story

With over 700 animal admitted to PWRC annually, we typically don’t name our wildlife patients.  Especially when many don’t stay long at the centre. However, with all the attention the bobcat has received and the public support we gave her donors an option to submit a name for her.  PWRC volunteers narrowed the names and selected Amira- a german name meaning Warrior by Tracy and Mike. This past Tuesday, she was taken to Dr. Davidson at Whyte Ridge Animal Hospital for a check up and xrays. Xrays were taken two weeks after surgery and again between 6-8 weeks post-op.   Amira was transported in a wire cage small enough so the vet is able to sedate her before she can be handled.  The photos of the bobcat are while she is sedated and could not harm anyone. She’s currently weighing 5.4kg which is an increase from 4.3kg previously weighed at the two week examination. The pelvis and femur are both healing well but the tibia and fibula are still requiring another month of restricted cage rest.  Thankfully she doesn’t require any antibiotics or pain medications. The fur on the injured leg hasn’t grown back yet but we expect to see the fur grow in during the shedding of her winter coat.    After the xrays were taken, she’s placed back into her travel cage while she wakes up from the anesthetic.  With the slow healing of the tibia and fibula, we believe Amira will be with us for many more months. We are always accepting support for Amira’s care and donations can be made via our website paypal option or cheque/cash/ or money order.  Thank you to all who’ve supported Amira during her rehabilitation.  Donations help pay for xrays, medications, and an increasing food bill of meat.


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