Update on Amira the Bobcat

Update on Amira the Bobcat

DSCF3224At Amira’s last vet appointment with Dr. Davidson at the Whyte Ridge Veterinary Hospital, the xrays revealed that her fractures (breaks) have healed perfectly.



Unfortunately the injured leg requires more exercise as it has lost some muscle mass due to not being used.  Setting her up in larger enclosure would help with this.  We had a volunteer construct a large secure enclosure but it took longer than we expected.  With lots of rainy days in May and June, we finally finished the enclosure in July.  She’s now moved to her large enclosure and is enjoying the space to run around.  We are planning for a release at the end of August or beginning of September. The cost of materials for the enclosure was approx. $4000 and with the increasing food bill, please consider donating to her care.   bobcat outdoors 2bobcat outdoors


Please visit our website and can make a donation via paypal or sending a cheque by mail to P.O. Box 48059 RPO Lakewood, Winnipeg, MB R2J 3B6.


We could also use “wild” meat for Amira. If you have any deer/moose/elk/duck/ or anything wild, we can definitely use some.

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