three young grey squirrels given second chance at life

Two of three orphaned grey squirrels that arrived at PWRC yesterday night

Three orphaned grey squirrels were brought to us last night. Two were found on the ground crying and a third was up in the nest. The presenters waited to see if mother squirrel would come back for them, unfortunately, she didn’t. The presenters picked up the two on the ground and climbed the tree to rescue the third. They were very dehydrated and the male has a broken left humerus. PWRC will provide first aid care and scheduled feedings among other rehabilitation strategies to allow these squirrels a chance to be released back into the wild.
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    HI LISA How are the little ones doing? How did you make out with baby male with the bad leg? Wes and and i have been thinking about them quiet often.My ZENA did get a prescription for two runs of droncit .She also have been thinking of them.Two days of looking all over the house for them.Hope to hear from you on thier progress . thank you LISA

  2. pwrc

    Hi Lynne & Wes. Well, the little male is doing ok. Unfortunately, he has a fractured humerus and not much can be done while we wait for it to heal. However, the littlest girl had a bad case of pneumonia and was very dehydrated. She’s still considered critical. We had to give her sub-q fluids because she wasn’t drinking enough to pull her through her illness. The large female is doing fine. I’m assuming she was the last to be pulled from the tree. All three are housed together with a fourth girl from a separate litter will be added to the group. We’ll try to keep you updated with pics. Thanks


      That is to sad to hear that. With tears running down my face.I know that she was in the very VERY best care there with you LISA. And knowing that she was not alone counts. ITS caring special peaple like you make all the differance. Thank you very much for keeping us informed on the little ones.THANY YOU AGAIN LISA. PS HAVE A HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

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