Three fox kits taking the midnight train to Winnipeg

There is always an interesting story behind most rescues. Sometimes we know the details, and other times we don’t.  Yesterday, we received a call from an employee of CP Rail.  They found three “castaway” fox kits in one of the railway cars brought down from Northern Manitoba.  Mother fox decided the unused railway car would make a wonderful den for her three little young.  Unknown to the workers, the railway car was brought to Winnipeg causing these fox kits to become orphaned.  The workers caught two of the three kits and sadly the third is still loose in the railway car.  Hopefully they will be able to capture the third to reunited the “lost” family.  A big thank you to our volunteers Cate and Peter for picking up the little guys and bringing them to PWRC.  These fox kits were scared and dehydrated.  Both are males and weigh between 1.13kg and 1.19 kg and approximate 6 to 7 weeks old .  Currently they are young and will be on formula and canned and dry food. Foxes will be in care until August when they would be naturally dispersing from their parents and finding new territories.   We are always looking for items to help us with rehabilitating these guys.  Some items we could use right away while others we need in the future: cans of esbilac (puppy milk replacer), cans of wet catfood, a hammock, dog toys,  frozen berries, organ meat (kidney, liver, heart).  We have plenty of dry food donated from Pet Value (Main and Jefferson). We can always use monetary donations for their care as well.

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    1. pwrc

      Hi, we have a drop off locations. Depending on time you can drop off at Wildbirds Unlimited at 45-11 Reenders (business hours). I do have a few other drop off locations if you would like to call me 510-1855. Thanks Lisa

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