The Tree of Life pendant- PWRC Fundraiser

The Tree of Life pendant- PWRC Fundraiser

One of PWRC’s dedicated volunteers has specially created a pendant or small sun catcher to help raise funds for PWRC’s injured and orphaned wildlife.  Each pendant is hand made, cost $35 and made to order.   Each order takes 2 weeks to prepare.  The Tree of Life symbolizes the interconnectedness of all living things on this planet.  The stones used in this Tree of Life pendant have special meanings to the Centre and its volunteers. The PWRC’s official Tree of Life includes the following stones:

Green Peridot:- used for animal communicationDSCF2886

Rose Quartz- for the unconditional love we give

Black Onyx- for the hard work that we do

Rainbow Fluorite- for our mental focus (and dedication)

Garnet- for grief that stems from love, honoring those special ambassadors who have passed on in our care

Rainbow Moonstone- honoring Mother Earth

If you would like to support PWRC and order a “Tree of Life”, please send an email or contact the office at 204-510-1855.  Payment can be made by paypal, cheque,  or cash.

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