The Meaning of Groundhog Day

We all know of our wonderful education ambassador Willow the Woodchuck. Did you know that a woodchuck is just another name for a groundhog? And did you know that on February 2 it’s Groundhog Day?!

 Now you may ask, what’s all the excitement about Groundhog Day!? Well, Groundhog Day is a holiday celebrated in Canada and United States. According to German folklore, if it is a cloudy day on Feb 2 and the groundhog leaves its den, then it means that winter is coming to an end! However, if it is sunny on this day and the groundhog sees it’s own shadow, he will go back into his den and winter will continue on for six more weeks!

 So let’s all hope that this year our lovely Manitoban groundhogs will come out of their dens…. and stay out!

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