Summer Employment Opportunity!!!

Summer Position: 10-12 weeks long starting immediately.

Duties include: feeding infant and adult wildlife and cleaning enclosures, cage maintenance, data entry, and yard maintenance.  Shift details: 8am -4pm: Wednesday to Sunday (days off Monday-Tuesday).

Qualifications:  applicants must be between the age of 16 to 24, access to transportation to our rural centre, is a full time student and returning in the fall , animal experience an asset, physically demanding, enjoys working outdoors and a genuine interest in Manitoba’s wildlife and the environment.

Please send your coverletter and resume to or fax 1-866-458-7758 .  For more information, please contact PWRC at 510-1855.

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  1. Julia Moffatt

    I would be very interested in a position working with wild life, it is my passion. I have been facinated with animals since i was a young child.I worked in Ottawa fostering and releasing wild animals my duties included cleaning enclosures, feeding and releasing wild animals, answering phones or anything to help out, This was all volunteer work.I found it very rewarding. But to do this for a living would be my Dream job.However I am older than 24. Is there anything available that I would be able to help out with for an older than 24 age group ? even educating People on wildlife . I feel i could Benefit Prairie wildlife as well as my self, as I am as eager to learn as I am to help.

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