PWRC’s Spring Fundraiser is Back!!!!

PWRC’s Spring Fundraiser is Back!!!!

Born Wild-spring fundraiserWe’re happy to announce our spring fundraiser is back in stores.  This year we’ve done something different.  We’ve picked baby wildlife plushies that many humans encounter during the summer months and presume orphaned when they may not be.




Introducing 2013 Born Wild Spring plushies: baby skunks, baby raccoons, baby black bears, baby fawns, baby polar bears, and baby Great Horned Owls. 

Each plushy comes with a natural birth certificate about that species and advice on what to do next.  Many of these animals PWRC may not rehabilitate but we do have important information to reunite the infants back with their natural parents.  These plushies  are only $8 each and can be found at the following locations:

Centennial Animal Hospital- 2747 Pembina Hwy

Linden Ridge Animal Hospital-1080 Waverley

McLeod Veterinary Hospital-880 McLeod

Pembina/Emergency Veterinary Hospital-400 Pembina Hwy

St. Vital Veterinary Hospital-260 St. Anne’s Rd

Tuxedo Animal Hospital- 192- 2025 Corydon Ave

Whyte Ridge Veterinary Hospital- 151 Scurfield

Wildbirds Unlimited- Unit 45-11 Reenders

Or by calling PWRC 204-510-1855.


More locations coming soon.  Thank you for your support. Please put up a poster at your work to help spread the word.



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