PWRC Wishlist


We are always looking for items to stock our cupboards and collect from the wild or your house.  If you’re doing some “spring” cleaning or organizing and not sure if we might be able to use an item that’s not listed, please contact the PWRC office at 204-510-1855.  In rehab, we like to use items in a different purpose. For example, frying pans make great dishes for waterfowl.  Please call PWRC 204-510-1855 to arrange pick up or drop off of  your donation. Thank you in advance.


WISHLIST from Wild Birds Unlimited Store, 45-11 Reenders Dr.  Items can be purchased and left at the store for us to pick up.  Thank you in advance.


Complete full wishlist to print   PWRC Wishlist 2018


Food Items to collect when in season:

DSCF0813Mountain Ash Berries

Saskatoons/Blue berries

Choke Cherries
Pumpkin/Squash Seeds (preferred dried)

Pond/duck weed

Acorns/Pine cones (please check first with us)


Food Supplies:


frozen berries/veggies (corn, broccoli, mixes)

Fresh veggies (lettuces, carrots, snap peas)

Rodent chow/lab chow for rodents

Timothy Hay for rabbits

Rabbit pellets

Frozen smelt/minnows

Frozen fish food (krill, shrimp, mosquito larvae, blood worms)

Baby foods (fruit flavors:  apple, blueberrie, strawberry, pear, combinations of any of these) NO DESSERT flavors

Grains (oats, cracked corn, millet, barley, wheat)

Housing Supplies:DSCF1170

Heating pads (old fashion ones that don’t shut off)
Heat bulbs (red, or ceramic)
Window screening
Artificial trees & plants
Baby fleecy blankets
Astroturf mats (Daisy mats)
Reptariums (any size)
Coroplast Sheets (prefer white or yellow, but will take any color)
Feather dusters
Cat condos or scratching posts (can be used)

wood shavings

Snow fencing (green color and comes in a big roll)

Mesh Wire (1/2″ squares- 1/4″ squares) – comes in rolls

Fishing Nets


Cleaning Supplies

Anti-Bacterial Dish Soap
Large Plastic Storage Bins
Pine Sol
Brooms & Mops
Laundry Soap- phosphate free.
Rubber gloves (size: L)
Fish Nets
ExLarge black Garbage bags
Garden tools (clippers, sprayers, rakes, shovels)
Tools (hammers, screw drivers, etc.)
Duct Tape

Other Items (Misc.)

Garden Shed
Kiddie pools
Gift cards


20 locks with same keys

outdoor security cameras

Plywood/ lumber

Cupboards & counter tops & sinks

Fold up tables & chairs

Bungee cords

Zip tyes

Office desks

Extension cords

School lockers

Cash Donations Are Always Welcomed!!




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