Number of Geese in Rescue On Rise

Number of Geese in Rescue On Rise

Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (PWRC) needs a minimum of $3,000 to help care for an abnormally high number of geese staying at their shelter this winter

In the last month, approximately 12 geese have been dropped off at the PWRC shelter in Ste. Adolphe. Currently, there are at least seven geese staying with them over the next few months until the weather gets warm enough for a safe release.

Two of the seven geese are from Fort Whyte Centre and the rest are from various parts of Winnipeg. Many of them are weak and famished because they waited too long to fly south. In many cases, their mates died and they stayed behind.

Due to the snow and cold temperatures happening more suddenly than most years, there are still a lot of geese being spotted that need assistance or that appear to be in distress.

If you spot a goose that needs to be rescued near a body of water, please do not go on the water to help the bird. The water is still not completely frozen and it is not safe. Instead, call PWRC at 204-510-1855 and they can capture it on your behalf.

If you see a goose that needs help on solid land, you can throw a blanket on top of it to capture it in a cage or call PWRC.

PWRC is hoping to raise a minimum of $3,000 in donations to provide shelter for these birds during the cold months and to get them the medical attention that they need. For more information on how to donate to PWRC, visit


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