Look Whoooo’s Staying for Christmas

November was starting to look like an influx of Snowy owls.  From news articles in Wisconsin and Michigan, Snowies are there in record  numbers.  Some have seen over a 100 snowies in their state.  Snowies spend their summers up North and travel “migrate” south to Manitoba during the winter months if food is sparce. Did they have a great spring and summer  with enough food for the whole family?  It’s hard to tell but our two males that came in November were first year birds that didn’t get the hang of hunting and unfortunately died from starvation.  Our current female resident was hit by a car up near Stonewall, MB and the concerned driver brought the owl to the Pembina Emergency clinic one Saturday evening.  She is still recovering with a possible fracture or bruised hip.  However, she is being a bit difficult since she won’t eat the mice on the ground in her enclosure so I have to use a long pair of forceps and offer the food to her in a slow manner.  She will then swallow the mouse whole and repeat another four or five more times.   Maybe she considers herself a princess. She’s a beautiful specimen and poses photos. We are accepting monetary donations to help with the cost of food. She eats approximately $6/day of mice.  We hope to release her in the new year so keep watching for updates.

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