Lesson learned.

Well, I learned something new this week. I talked about how easy it is to foster goslings to natural goose parents, and that they are really accepting of the little ones as long as they look like the other goslings. Well, mom and dad goose get a little freaked out when you try to adopt 7 baby goslings all at one time. One after another, I was admitting many orphaned goslings from different areas of the city. I thought it would be faster if they all go at once. Instead mom and dad goose just looked at all the goslings and ran with their current family. So my plan was changed to place one or two goslings with each family. Today we were successful in finding new families and some of the goose families who took off and ran away the other day, graciously adopted them today. It’s great that their food bill doesn’t go up with the addition of new children.

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  1. RLT

    Hello –

    I see you re-habbed a muskrat.

    We have one that needs a new home but our DNR says a muskrat released in another area will be killed by any muskrat that might be living there because they are so territorial.

    Any suggestions?



  2. pwrc

    Hi RLT, I forwarded your question to our conservation guys here in Manitoba and they don’t think it would be killed outright, it certainly would be driven away in a well-populated area – in a low-population area, assuming habitat was OK, there would be less chance of this happening.

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