I found an animal – What do I do now?

If you encounter an animal that may be injured or orphaned, we will help you determine whether an animal is injured or orphaned, and help you find out what to do next. It is amazing how specific the needs of each animal are, so it is not a good idea to try and help them by yourself. At the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre we pay attention to nutritional, behavioural and developmental needs of each animal and we also have a volunteer Veterinarian. Read the instructions below to find out what you can do to help.

What animal have you found?

Young Squirrel
Young Rabbit
Young Bird
Young Deer (Fawn)
Young Duck (Duckling)

General Info

For non-dangerous animals such as a robin or sparrow that you have determined are injured or orphaned, please follow the How To Rescue Wildlife instructions. Please do not offer any food or water unless directed by PWRC.

For dangerous wildlife such as raptors, adult mammals, and large waterfowl, please contact PWRC for further instructions.


If you have found a dead animal, you can call the City of Winnipeg at 311 (or 204-986-2626) and notify them. They will usually pick up the animal within 2 hours of your phone call.