Here Pelican, Pelican, Pelican

Wow. American White Pelicans are definitely beautiful birds. However, very “buggy”. Pelicans can have thousands, maybe millions of feather lice and pouch lice which can make your skin crawl. When we’re trying to examine them, you will definitely have a few jump onto you. Fortunately, these insects can’t live on humans but you feel like you have them on you for days. This Pelican was caught and brought to us from the Lockport area. There seems to be an issue with its left wing, possibly the shoulder so we’re making arrangements to take it to a vet for an xray to determine the full injuries. This pelican does have an attitude. It will lunge for your face and watch out for the hook at the end of its bill. A big Thank you to Manitoba Conservation Winnipeg and Selkirk for the donation of frozen fish. This pelican eats 4-5 large fish a day.

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