Geese killed by vehicle near lake

Warning: The pictures are graphic but we want to make sure that the people who did this will be charged. 


We received a call today around 2pm of possible injured geese from a hit and run around the Southdale area. Witnesses saw a red vehicle drive up on the boulevard and drive toward a family of geese sunning themselves by the lake.  This vehicle purposely drove towards these animals to kill them. Not other words to discribe it.    From the pictures, you can see the  direction of the vehicle towards the pond.  To the driver:  What if there were children playing on that grass or maybe even feeding these geese?  Would you think this would be funny if you hit a child or a person?  We do realize there are a lot of geese in Winnipeg but it doesn’t give you the right to reduce their population. Please give the compassion towards any living thing and don’t take their life for no reason.  Three “teenage” geese were killed, the father goose has a serious leg injury and possible internal injuries, the mother and the three other goslings are sitting beside the father goose. The surviving geese are not able to be caught at this time due to their location.  If you know who these people might be, please contact the Police as there’s an investigation into this situation.






Please Take a  “Brake” for Wildlife.

In July, teenage goslings (aka subadults) may look grown up but they still can’t fly.   If you see a family of geese crossing the road, stepping on the gas  will not make these guys move any faster. Watch out for them especially around the man made lake areas. Take an extra minute to stop and watch the family cross the road. What’s your hurry? Not only will you feel good that you stopped and watch the family unit working together but potentially saving their lives from the vehicles behind you that may not have seen them.  

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  1. Luanne

    I hope the killers are held to the highest punishments. Anyone who has so little regard for life….any life…human or animal has deep problems. These geese were at their home and now they may not return. When these predators are caught the punishment should be equal to any home invasion that resulted in death. I think these kids are disgusting and their parents obviously need help as well.

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