First Babies for 2013

First Babies for 2013

First babies of the year.  3 little red squirrels approx. 5 to 10 days old. The mother squirrel made her nest in a heat vent of a truck.  The truck was driven with the babies all day until the owners discovered them in the evening. They needed to use a vacuum to help suck them out of the vent.









Other interesting patients have been the rush of grebes.  These birds are fishing eating birds migrating back home from their warm vacation in the South.  Grebes may see wet roads as waterways at night and become stranded on the ground.  With their legs far back on their bodies, grebes cannot take off of land but need long waterways the size of football fields to run across.  Please contact PWRC if you find an injured or orphaned wild animal before picking it up.


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