Even little owls hit windows.

A presenter found an adult Saw-whet owl on the ground next to their window. Usually, we see woodpeckers, songbirds and the occassional Merlin or Cooper’s Hawk with window collisions, not commonly a Saw-whet. Fall is a dangerous time for many birds with some migrating in large flocks. Cedarwaxwings can become drunk on old mountain ash berries, and you may have a few casualties from window strikes. No drinking and flying. To prevent window collisions, place pictures, stickers or ribbons on the outside of your window. Even hanging a windsock or flower basket will stop some birds from the possible collision. If you have many collisions with a certain window, stapling plastic mesh screening over the whole window and the birds should bounce away.  If a bird hits your window, contain the bird in a  cardboard box with air holes and place in a quiet, dark location for two hours.  Once the two hours have passed, take the box outdoors and open the lid.  If the collision was minor, the bird should fly away. Otherwise, the bird may need more rehab.  Fortunately, the Saw-whet only required a couple of days of rehab and is ready for release.

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