Educational Wildlife Presentations

What is a Wildlife Ambassadors Presentation?



091-AnthonySchellenberg_AM69418Our education team from the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre enters your classroom equipped with supplies, enthusiasm and passion for a jam-packed one hour presentation! These dynamic sessions consist of existing demonstration with the help of our Ambassadors, of course, and hands-on activities. Upon completion of the presentation, the classroom will have developed an excitement and awareness for the natural world and their role within it. We are also happy to do presentations at community events, libraries, organizations, birthday parties, and daycares. Book us today!!

Presentation Currently Available and a few are now available with a French speaker.

Whoo’s Who (Ideal for All Ages)* Now Available in French

Fee: $100 (60 min)

Come join us in learning all about owls!  Students learn about the owls that we have in Manitoba, where they can be found in the wild, their unique adaptations as well as which owls are endangered. This program includes a visit from two or our very own owl ambassadors!

Babies, Bunnies, Beaks (Ideal for Kindergarten to Grade 2)

Fee: $100 (60 min)

Children will be introduced to the world of baby wildlife that can be found right in their own backyards! They will learn about nestling and fledgling birds and infant mammals such as rabbits and squirrels. Our education team will also talk about the differences between the domestic pets at home and the wild animals found in nature. This talk includes a special visit from Dodger or Lulu our adopted domestic rabbit ambassadors.

Burrowing Under (Ideal for Kindergarten to Grade 6) 

Fee: $100

This presentation talks about some of the species that burrow in Manitoba. In it we discuss their habitat, adaptations and unique characteristics of these animals.For an additional fee we could bring three!

Prairie Raptors (Ideal for all ages) Now Available in French

Fee: $100 (60 min)

It’s hard to believe that a golden eagle, with a six-foot wingspan, could have anything in common with a fast moving, four-inch hummingbird. All birds, even those as different as a golden eagle and a hummingbird, share some common traits, such as feathers, wings, laying eggs and being warm-blooded. However, there are certain characteristics that set the group of birds called raptors apart from other birds. In this program, students will learn all there is to know about raptors, specifically the raptors that call Manitoba home and are helped by PWRC. Not only are raptors very fascinating animals, but they are very important to our environment and many different ecosystems. Our wildlife ambassadors will also be present, so everyone can see up close their special adaptations.

Reading with Raptors & Friends (Ideal for Preschool to Grade 6) Now Available in French

Fee: $100

Owls and falcons will help raise awareness about the importance of living in harmony with Manitoba’s wildlife. PWRC staff and the education ambassadors together will read stories and learn interesting facts about these wondrous birds.

Winter Wonders (Ideal for Kindergarten to Grade 6) Now Available in French

Fee: $100

We’re excited to bring the wonder of winter to your school. Your class will discover the five main strategies that animals use to survive the cold winter months. Some animals tough it out all winter long (Stay Active), some stay and sleep it away (Hibernation and Torpor), others travel south (Migration) and lastly some die, leaving behind the next generation (Die). We will discuss how wildlife adapts to deal with the cold months of winter. This visit includes a visit from two of our ambassadors, where the students can use what they just leaned to determine what they do over the winter.


Seniors Wildlife Program: Meet the Ambassadors- Now Available in French

Fee: $75

Attended by three wildlife ambassadors, this 45 minute program focuses on the who, what, when, and where of how we received our ambassadors. Learning about our ambassadors natural history in the wild, keeps the audience “raptly” entertained. This program is developed and geared towards seniors.

Educational Booth (Now Available in French)

Fee: Please contact us for a quote.

Do you have an event upcoming that could be enhanced by a PWRC Educational Booth? Learn all about the PWRC, wildlife rehabilitation, conservation and sustainability. This would be a very informative display attended by one or two of our very own Education Ambassadors!

Wild Art ( Now Available in French)

Fee: $75-100

An amazing opportunity to have a wild animal stay still for your artistry. Sketch, draw, paint sculpt, carve, photograph or any medium organized by the classroom teacher. Capture the details up close and personal with two of our education ambassadors.


Birthday Parties

Fee: Contact Us for more details

Do you have an upcoming Birthday?  We come out to kid and adult birthdays.  Call and ask our Ed Coordinator for more information.


Our program runs year round, each presentation lasting an hour.
** Please note that dates are subject to change and are dependent on bookings.

$100 – per hour

** Additional fee if outside the perimeter.

**Additional Fee for Additional Number of Ambassadors Requested.

To Reserve:

Education Program Coordinator
Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
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An invoice will be sent once the registration has been confirmed. Payment due on or before presentation date.