Double trouble

It’s looking a lot like Cormorant season.  This is our third cormorant since Sunday.  Today’s cormorant was picked up in the White Ridge area.  The presenter was advised to leave it in a box for a couple hours as it may be dazzed and she will  fly away after the rest.  If a cormorant is found away from water, there’s something wrong.  Don’t leave it in a box for a couple of hours. That only works for birds that hit windows and are a little stunned.  However, be very careful if you try to capture it.   Many years ago, I had a lady transport a cormorant to me but had to stop off at the human hospital to treat the gash on the top of her hand from the hooked bill.  These birds have huge attitudes.  Even today’s bird is trying to grab me. 

 Double Crested Cormorants are large black water birds with a hooked beak and cool looking feet.  Their feet are formed to sit in trees.  These birds are common throughout Manitoba and found at man-made ponds in Winnipeg.  Most common reasons for cormorants admitted into rehab are starvation, hit by cars, or collision with powerlines.

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