Birdday Club

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       PWRC “Birdday” Club


Join our Birdday Club today.

Fill out the form and mail it to P.O. Box 48059 RPO Lakewood, Winnipeg, MB R2J 4A3.


 Who do you celebrate your birthday month with?

Dodger & Bijii birth month is April

Lulu’s  birth month is May

                                                                Calen & Aidin’s birth month is June




Want to do something different and unique for your birthday this year??


For Only $10.00

A donation is made in your name towards helping injured & orphaned Wildlife.


  • A Postcard Sent out in the Month of your Birthday from one of our Ambassadors.
  • 20% off the Cost of a PWRC Show for your Birthday or Gathering with Special Gift to the Birthday boy/girl!


birthday balloons



Kids Birdday Club form


Child’s first Name: ________________________________________

(Only First name and age will be posted on the website- John, 8 yrs old)

Birthday (MM/DD/YEAR): __________________________________

Age: __________________


Parent’s Name:___________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

City, Province: __________________________________________

Postal Code: _____________________________

Phone: _________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________

Payment:  __Cash  __Cheque __Paypal Via Website

Total amount Enclosed $ ___________

**$10.00 Donation is Tax-Deductable, Club Membership Renewal is Annual