BBQ Fundraiser at Wildbirds Unlimited this Saturday

PWRC Fundraiser BBQ Hosted by Wild Birds Unlimited @ 45-11 Reenders Dr Tomorrow 11am-2pm, come visit with Nascha the GreatGrey and Naira the Burrowing Owl! Bring a donation for the Centre and Receive 20% Off any One Item!
 Items we’re in desperate need are: heavy duty garden cart, clear plastic bins approx. 1 foot wide by 1 1/2 feet long with a blue lid (comes in a two pack) for small pools for ducklings & goslings in our brooder boxes,”Nosquito odour” to attract mosquitoes to our “Stinger” mosquito magnet, rakes, Shovels, duct tape, cracked corn, heavy duty face masks, green stain (oil base), coroplast sheets (prefer white but will take any colors), bungie cords, garden nozzles,  astroturf mats, photocopier paper, extra large garbage bags, non-clumping cat litter, rabbit litter, rabbit pellets, mops, plastic, kiddie pools, pressure washer, cordless power drill with bits, duck starter & duck grower, rodent pellets, timothy hay, fresh fruit and veggies .   Hope to see you there.


  1. Georgia Carrette

    Hey Chris,
    i really liked that presentation that you did today in Tristans class. I liked Nascha. Naira and the other owl you brought that i don’t know how to spell. If your aloud can you email me and send me pictures of Naira, Nascha and the other one… Maybe just to give you a little idea maybe you can email me back if you can!!! once you left our class i was like, i really want a owl for christmas or my next pet i get but that won’t be the best thing…
    I’ll send you another one next time i have computers! I think i might have more questions on owls!!!
    Its from the girl that had all those Questions and that was sitting in the back of my class, Just to remind you that i was the one to ask if me and that other girl can take pictures of Nascha!!! Remember it me?!?!?!

  2. Jay-Lynn Carriere

    Dear Chris,
    Hey I really liked your presentation of Nascha,Nara and Tail. I really liked Nascha!! Now I know what I really want for christmas!! Could you send me pictures of Nascha,Nara and Tail. That was the best presentation of my life. I want to work at pwrc when i’m older!!!! I’m in your youngest son Tristan’s class. Email me if you can. My email is

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