Baby Muskrat

This baby muskrat has been with one of our foster volunteers couple of weeks.  She came in with her eyes closed and separated from her mother after the record downpour.  We’re currently weaning her off formula and onto a natural diet of cattails, weeds, roots, grasses and pondweed .  This tiny creature is no bigger than a hotdog bun.  But watch out, they can bite.

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    1. pwrc

      Yes, the infant muskrat did survive and was released back into the wild. If you can keep it afraid of people, and able to eat a natural diet, it wasn’t difficult to rehabilitate back into the wild.

  1. marcie

    i live in paducah ky and i keep my horse right in the middle of the city in a horse i was rideing and i seen a small animal that seemed 2 b all curled up beside the chainlink fence.i went and put my horse up so i could investigate..well i had now clue what the poor thing was but it was was bout a foot and a half in leingth had a black tail like a possums tail and i did touch it and the fur was soft like a little was all entwined in the chainlink i just got home and got 2 looking on the net for any animal thet fit its discription and this is where my search took me so for the very 1st time 2day i seen a musk now could u tell me for the reigon i live in is this rare?i read an artical 1 time about how they were almost extinct in our area along with the mink but that they were makeing a comeback..i have seen what i believed 2 b a mink was about 3 in the am and it was foggyi was driveing home on the highway and out of nowhere came this long skinny little animal that looked like a ferret..i was in a very swampy area of highway..surely it wasnt a ferret and what other animal resimbles 1?a anyway any help answers would b accepted thanks

    1. pwrc

      Hi, Muskrats populations are doing very well and common in all throughout North American close to water sources like ponds, rivers, streams and lakes. The second animal you described could be a mink or fisher. They are both from the same family that look similar to ferrets.

    1. pwrc

      With all of our infant wildlife, we take extreme measures to ensure they don’t become friendly towards people. If we allow them to bond with people, their chances at survival in the wild would be zero. Some infant wildlife are easier at keeping wild due to their natural behavior and muskrats are one of those animals. They tend to be skittish, frightful of people and will bite if put in any danger.

  2. Skylar

    I found a baby something in my yard and it looks like a muskrat but I am not positive just needing some advice on what to do when we found it we noticed it was missing an eye

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