Baby Grey Squirrels

Guess what’s in our infant wildlife nursery? 

We’ve received 5 infant grey squirrels from different parts of Winnipeg in the past couple of days. When a young squirrel climbs your leg, it is a good indication that they are hungry and have been without a mother for a while. Never feed milk to young squirrels. Many orphans are extremely dehydrated and require fluids.  Feeding anything can cause a stomach upset or worse diarrhea which can be deadly in small mammals.

Our first two grey squirrels (one male and one female) came in last week, which we’ve named them the “Polson Twins” as they were found on Polson Street.  Both were dehydrated and had a few fleas. They were treated for the parasites and given fluids. Next, they’re slowing weaned onto special formula. Squirrels and most wild mammals cannot digest cow’s milk so special formula is stocked for each kind of mammal we rehabilitate.  We must calculate how much formula they need  at each feeding as feeding to little or too much can affect their health and growth. Grey squirrels are notorious for  over-eating.   

 Trying to take pictures of young squirrels is like trying to take pictures of two year olds. I have alot of blurry pictures and pictures with just tails.

Our next squirrel came in as a singlet two days ago. He was found in St.James area on the ground with his eyes still closed with no mother in sight. Another sibling was found dead and we presume something happened to the mother. This little guy was very dehydrated but seems to be getting stronger. 

Last night, we received two more grey squirrels approximately 5 to 6 weeks old.  The male is very grumpy and growls when you pick him up and the female seems to be more weak but willing to eat from a syringe.  So our current tally is 3 boys and 2 girls.

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