Baby Bunny Season

Do you know what to do if you find a nest of baby rabbits?   You haven’t seen their mother, are they abandonned?

Many times, infant rabbits are picked up by members of the public, concern that they have been abandonned or presumed orphaned.   This may be far from the truth. Rabbit burrows are usually small depressions in the dirt lined with dry grass and rabbit fur. Mother rabbits only feed their young twice a day (dawn and dusk) and will spend most of their time away from the nest to not attract predators.  Unless an adult rabbit was found dead in the front street, we always assume that their mother will return.  If you suspect something has happened to the mother, place two pieces of string across the opening of the nest and check in 24 hours.  The mother rabbit must move the string to feed her babies.  If the strings haven’t been moved or the babies are crawling out of the nest, call PWRC.  If the cat  or dog was the one who discovered the nest and brought the young home, these infants must be brought in for rehabilitation. Cat bites can be fatal to small creatures.

If the rabbits are the size of a tennis ball or larger, these guys may be on their own.  Especially if you have to chase them down to catch them.  It’s best to leave them in the home territory but if you have lots of cats in the area or it is a dangerous situation, they can be relocated to another park or appropriate location.  If they look smaller than a tennis ball or have an injury, contact PWRC for further information.

Remember, mammal species have a greater sense of smell so don’t touch and play with the baby rabbits. Not only does this cause more stress on the animal, but the mother may reject her baby if the human scent is too strong.  It take alot of handling to leave our scent on them so quickly picking them up and moving them from one area to another should not cause a problem. Keep in mind if you’re wearing strong perfume and how that smell lingers on everything.  Any problems or questions, feel free to contact PWRC for more information.

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