An unexpected summer guest

An unexpected summer guest

Sorry, it’s been a while since we updated our blog. This summer has been crazy busy as we have already had 490 patients come in so far.  One guest that appeared one day on the property was one we did not expect.


In the beginning of June, our summer staff spotted a small young skunk wandering around with no family.  With the centre set up on a rural property, this should not be too unexpected.  So we kept our distance and hoped it would find mother skunk that evening. Unfortunately, the young skunk appeared every day with no sign of a mother.  It started trying to open garbage bags with great difficulty. I’ve never been in this kind of predicament before but I have had phone calls from members of the public.  What to do? With some of the members of the public, leaving the little skunk alone wasn’t always an option, especially in the city, however, being out in the country maybe we could leave food out for the little guy and then it might have strength to find its mother and family.  So, we decided to leave food in a certain location on the property to hopefully not have this little guy get used to people feeding it and wanting to come up to people once it got bigger.  Before starting the feeding station, we saw the little skunk daily but always at a distance.  After we started leaving out food, we never saw the skunk but noticed the food disappearing. One evening, while our volunteers were leaving out its dinner, they noticed not one but two little skunks coming back and forth for the food. Wow, did we have more than two missing a mother skunk?  Fortunately over a month of feeding, we noticed that the food wasn’t being touched.  Maybe the skunks had finally moved on or found their long lost mother.  We took the dishes away after two weeks of no one eating the food.  So, you may be wondering what ever happened to those two little skunks. Our answer came just a couple of weeks ago, when the family dog went exploring in the forest and came back with a recognizable smell. Our skunks are still alive and living well in the area.  Fortunately, the dog only needed one bath to get rid of the smell.

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