A short time ago the PWRC received a phone call from someone who wanted to drop off a donation to help wildlife. We were surprised when they arrived to find out it was from three generous students who had organized a garage sale and wanted to donate all of the profits to help wildlife in need. Their generosity touched our hearts and we wanted to share their story with you. Below is a copy of the cue cards from the speech they gave on our doorstep when they presented the PWRC with their donation.

Danielle: I’m Danielle and this is my cousin Kyla.

Kyla: When I was little I really loved animals and birds and I wanted to help donate money to help them stay alive in a happy environment. I live out in the country where there are lots of bears and other wildlife, so I guess that’s why I love animals so much.

Danielle: I like animals too, so I decided to help Kyla with her animal fund. Kyla had a great idea about having a garage sale where we could raise money for the fund.

Kyla: We raised $291.50 with the help of our friends and family.

Danielle: We want to help animals that are living in a bad environment, animals that are injured and animals that are endangered.

Kyla: Thank you for accepting our donation

The PWRC would like to thank  Kyla, Danielle, and Tyler for their generosity!  Their donation will go a long way to help care for wildlife undergoing rehabilitation at the centre.


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